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Outing idea : the mountain villages of French Riviera


Perched village above the Var. For centuries, it has been a location of choice for Italian travellers thanks to its ford through the river (14th to 18th century), hence the name Gattières, which stems from Gatieras.
To visit Gattières from your holiday villa, plan a 15 minute car ride.

Le Broc

This small medieval village has for centuries been the border between the county of Provence and the duchy of Savoie. Numerous remains from the past (both roman and medieval) are still visible today, such as its winding streets and architecture.
Le Broc can be reached from your holiday villa within 15 minutes by car.

Saint Jeannet

Beautiful village located at the bottom of a cliff, its construction can be dated back from the 11th century, from which numerous architectural features are still standing today. Saint Jeannet is also known for its local wine made with grapes grown on the hillsides.
Several hiking trails will allow you to discover the cliff and fortified sheepfold. At the top of the cliff, a breathaking scenery that combines the Alpine summits and the sea awaits.
To visit Saint Jeannet from your holiday villa, we recommend planning a 20 minute car ride.


This small yet busy town built in the 13th century is stil home to fortified walls, fountains and a watchtower among other remnants of the late middle ages, such as its winding streets and alleys, which are now lined with shops and cafés.
If you wish to visit Vence from your holiday villa, plan a 20 minute drive.

St Paul de Vence

This famous medieval village is known for its relaxing atmosphere. There is a surprise around every bend : Fortified walls, the Stronghold, fountains and squares. Many small shops can also be found around the town, you’ll be sure to find the ideal souvenir or gift !
If you want to reach St Paul, it will take 30 minutes by car from your holiday villa at Respelido.

Tourrettes sur Loup

Built in the 11th century, Tourettes sur Loup is a fortified town known for its violets. Its entire history can all be found in the free entry museum « La Bastide aux Violettes »
Tourettes sur Loup can be reached in 30 minutes by car from your holiday villa.

Bar sur Loup

Dating back from the Roman era, Bar sur Loup is a medieval town built on a rocky peak. Its pretty, winding streets will lead you to the church and château.
If you want to visit Bar sur Loup, plan a 30 minute drive from your holiday villa at Respelido.


Take a step back in time to visit this very pretty village sat on a mountain, where every turn will lead you to a new wonder such as a quaint little door, a fountain, or a gothic tower. The town’s architecture is a remnant of its past wealth due to its cloth industry.
The Jardins de la Butte are definitely a sight to see if you visit Gourdon, with a calm atmosphere home to an enchanting blend of flowerbeds and boxwood sculptures.

Gourdon can be reached in around 30 minutes by car from your holiday villa at Respelido.


Dating from the 12th century, Bouyon is a small village, mostly built out of stone, though it has been restaured by it’s inhabitants as time went by. Many walking trails perfect for beginners and confirmed hikers begin on the edges of the village and will lead you the beautiful scenery that surrounds the little commune.

To visit Bouyon, be sure to plan a 30 minute car drive from your holiday villa at Respelido.


By crossing the small bridge that overlooks the Var and passing through the royal gate, you will enter a beautiful pedestrian-only medieval village. Entrevaux’s fortifications were designed by the military engineer Vauban in the 17th century.
Following the sentries’ walkway will lead you to the village’s citadel.
Entrevaux can be reached in around an hour by car from your holiday villa in Respelido.


With its charming cobbled alleys, gothic fountain, chapels and churches, dominated by its beautiful palace, Lascaris. Peille is definitely one of the most magnificent villages in the area. It is also very attractive to cyclists, with its 335 kilometre long mountain bike track, and not forgetting the famous via ferrata, for the thrill seekers.
It will take you about an hour to get to Peille by car from your holiday villa in Respelido.


This little village, perched on a mountaintop, dates back to the medieval era and is known for its winding stairs and architecture, but you will be sure to discover more of Peillon’s secrets by wandering through its streets.
To reach Peillon, it will take you around an hour by car from your holiday villa at Respelido.


A very pretty village, where some of the older buildings date back to the 13th century Here, you will be able to visit its narrow alleys, and shop at the cooperative farm « COOP des Baous » in the neighbour town Saint Barnabé where you can buy local products, such as jams, cheese, olive-based products, bovine and ovine meats, etc.
Coursegoules can be reached in around an hour by car from your holiday villa in Respelido.